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Legal Defense For Hunting And Fishing Violations

Fish and wildlife violations can be problematic. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, along with federal officials, is vigilant in enforcing these laws.

From offices in Sacramento, attorney Candice Fields has a strong record of protecting the rights and records of hunters and fishermen who have been accused of violating state and federal environmental laws in central and Northern California.

Have you been issued a citation for any of these hunting or fishing violations?.

  • Hunting out of season, poaching
  • Hunting before or after legal hours
  • Hunting non-game animals, prohibited species
  • Over your game tag limit
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm
  • Keeping fish over or outside of the legal limit
  • Hunting while intoxicated
  • Illegal ammunition or number of shells in chamber

Violations can lead to severe penalties, including:.

  • Revocation of your hunting or fishing license
  • Seizure of your property
  • Losing your right to possess a firearm
  • Fines or imprisonment

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Having a thorough understanding of her clientele, attorney Candice Fields has represented the interests of hunters and fishermen on many occasions. She can work with law enforcement in an effort to resolve your matter without your hunting license, fishing license or your gun rights being forfeited.

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