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Facing An EPA Violation Or Environmental Crime?

California and federal environmental laws are nuanced and complex. Full compliance with these laws can be extremely challenging for individuals, small-business owners and even larger corporate entities. Any individual or business accused of violating these laws faces the possibility of civil sanctions and criminal penalties.

Experienced, Aggressive And Effective Criminal Defense Representation

If you or your company is under investigation or have already been charged with a criminal offense for violating state or federal environmental regulations, turn to attorney Candice Fields Law, PC, in Sacramento.

Depending on the nature of the violations at issue, you or your company may be asked to pick up the costs of mitigating specific environmental damage. These costs could be exorbitant. In addition, a determination that violations have occurred could force you to make costly changes in the manner in which you do business. In some instances, the costs associated with an environmental crime could result in the closure of your business.

Candice Fields Law, PC has extensive experience advising and representing business owners and executives facing state and federal criminal violations of environmental regulations, including:

  • Violations of the federal Clean Air Act
  • Violations of the federal Clean Water Act
  • Violations of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Illegal dumping, soil contamination
  • State fish and wildlife violations

It’s important for you to retain skilled legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer who can effectively present your side of the story. As an experienced environmental crimes defense attorney, Candice Fields can promptly address your legal concerns and begin developing an effective defense.

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