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A Federal Crime Investigation Offers An Opportunity For Early Defense

Your first inclination, upon learning or suspecting that you are under investigation on suspicion of a federal white collar crime or any federal offense, may be to panic. You are right that this situation represents a legal emergency indicating that you should seek legal counsel. However, you may not need to panic. A defense attorney’s early involvement may take care of the threat before you are charged and indicted – and may even resolve it permanently.

When a federal investigation that is targeting you, talk it over with a premier white collar crime defense lawyer. Contact Candice Fields Law, PC in Sacramento to explore all options for a strong defense.

How Do You Know If You Are Being Investigated?

Based on a tip from a whistleblower or some evidence of a possible white collar crime that has come to the attention of federal agents, you may become aware of one or more of these indicators that an investigation is underway:

  • A representative of any federal agency knocks on your door and begins asking questions. Or, they may request that you report to their agency for an interview.
  • A coworker starts asking you questions about your job out of the blue. Or, they may reveal to you that a federal agent has approached them and asked about you.
  • You receive a target letter from a federal agency such as the FBI, the IRS, Homeland Security Investigations or the U.S. Marshals Service. The target letter may ask for your cooperation in an investigation.
  • An audit, a search with a warrant or a federal grand jury-issued subpoena alerts you that an investigation is imminent or already happening.

In any such scenario, you should realize that it is not in your best interests to answer questions from a federal agent without legal advice. When you work with Candice Fields Law, PC, you will receive the information you need to understand what is happening and how you should respond. Attorney Candice Fields will take tangible steps to protect your constitutional rights. She will begin gathering evidence that may be the key to clearing your name and preventing an arrest.

Act Quickly If You Are Under Investigation

Initial consultations with attorney Candice Fields are free. To enhance your chances for a favorable outcome, get legal advice promptly. Prevent any further harm to your reputation with a skilled attorney’s help. Send an email inquiry or call 916-905-3629 to begin strategizing about ways to stop the investigation before it goes further.