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Proactive Steps To Protect Your Future And Freedom

Embezzlement investigations and criminal charges are high-stakes legal matters that require immediate representation. Sacramento-based attorney Candice Fields Law, PC combines experience and success in securing results for her clients facing serious and life-changing criminal allegations.

Successful In Finding Solutions To Avoid Criminal Prosecution

Candice Fields Law, PC is proactive in finding resolution to embezzlement allegations prior to criminal prosecutions. Most cases involve Central and Northern California-based employers alleging theft against an employee responsible for overseeing finances or products. She has successfully brought both sides to the table when these serious misunderstandings arise.

Civil compromises, as opposed to criminal convictions, have numerous benefits. Private resolutions outside of court are often achieved through repayment plans of the alleged embezzled funds. With agreements in place, prosecutors are unlikely to pursue charges and more likely to resolve for no jail time if charges have already been filed.

Candice Fields Law, PC is known for her dedication and diligence. One client in particular who avoided incarceration wrote the following testimonial after her case resolved:

“I don’t know where to begin. Candice is an amazing person. She never passed judgment, always had my back and always comforted me throughout the crazy process. I know she was doing her job, yet I know she did more than being my attorney. She was/is my friend. I can’t even express my gratitude for everything she did. All I can say is thank you.”

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