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Aggressive Criminal Defense For Felony Drug Charges

There is no such thing as a “minor” felony drug charge. California has strict laws, and even a lesser-degree felony drug charge can result in a prison sentence if not defended aggressively. In cases that avoid incarceration, there is still a very harmful felony offense on your record.

Felony Drug Charges Only

Candice Fields Law, PC focuses primarily on serious drug offenses, applying more than 25 years of experience successfully defending people facing felony charges in federal and state courts.

If you have been questioned by police or have already been arrested and charged with any felony drug offense in central or Northern California, call Candice Fields Law, PC in Sacramento, California. Attorney Candice Fields has earned a reputation for integrity and aggressive representation for individuals accused of serious drug-related offenses. Whenever possible, she works with the federal or state prosecutor to seek alternatives to a conviction and potential time in prison.

She aggressively represents clients charged with felony drug crimes in federal or state court such as:

  • Theft, fraud and embezzlement related to chemical dependency issues
  • Illegal marijuana cultivation
  • Illegal internet prescription medication fraud
  • Prescription fraud, Medicare and Medicaid prescription fraud
  • Charges related to opioids

Call Felony Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Candice Fields

Do not underestimate the gravity of a felony drug charge or try to face such a charge alone. The right attorney can act quickly to help you protect your freedom and your reputation. Call Candice Fields Law, PC at 916-905-3629 or send an email to arrange a meeting about your felony drug charges.