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Pursue A Powerful Defense In Federal Wire Fraud And Mail Fraud Cases

It is, of course, common for people to interact by traditional mail, landlines or cellphones and other forms of electronic communication. It is, therefore, not surprising that wire fraud and mail fraud charges arise along with countless other criminal charges. Money laundering, internet crimes and drug trafficking are all examples of crimes that often appear in indictments along with wire fraud and/or mail fraud charges.

Mail fraud and wire fraud are both federal crimes. As with other federal crimes, the earlier one’s defense counsel is on board, the more opportunities there are to obtain a favorable outcome in this type of criminal case. If you realize you need a well-prepared, effective lawyer for your California-based federal case, consider Candice Fields Law, PC, premier defense counsel.

Definitions And Defenses

Mail fraud and wire fraud have parallel definitions. Only the means of communication are different. Both crimes involve deliberate schemes to defraud others of money as well as interstate forms of communication. Congress clarified in 1994 that missives sent through private interstate mail carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, also count as mail as referred to in mail fraud definitions.

Avoid Harsh Penalties Through Early Defense By A Proven Advocate

A conviction over charges of mail or wire fraud may mean high fines, years in prison and a felony on record, with all the negative consequences that go along with felony convictions. There is no time to waste if you have even heard rumors that you are under investigation – and certainly if you have received a letter from a federal agency or have been arrested.

Regardless of how far along your mail fraud or wire fraud case has progressed, get legal counsel. Candice Fields Law, PC is ready to evaluate your case and can take action immediately to protect your constitutional rights. Call 916-905-3629 or send an email inquiry to get your federal white collar criminal defense started.