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Are You Facing Allegations Of Investment Fraud?

Violations of federal regulations administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are among the most complex felony offenses. In many cases, agents investigate for months to gather enough information to warrant a grand jury investigation and possible felony indictment. That means the federal prosecutor has a major head start in building their case, often without the accused even knowing they may have been breaking any laws.

Investment fraud includes any type of business-related scheme to fraudulently take money from investors. Accusations of these types of fraud are serious and can be punishable under either federal or state law. If you know or suspect that you are under investigation for investment fraud or any similar offense, it is imperative to seek the help of a highly skilled defense attorney immediately.

Comprehensive Defense Representation In Financial Crimes Cases

Attorney Candice Fields‘ experience in federal white-collar criminal charges includes:.

  • Insider trading accusations: Charges against executives for making stock purchases or sales based on information that is not public knowledge
  • Pyramid investor schemes: Including Ponzi schemes to bring investors to pay off promises of high returns to early investors
  • Illegal advance fees: Charging an investor a fee in advance of allowing an investment transaction to proceed
  • Illegal internet brokerage: Including mail fraud and wire fraud charges for unlicensed trading over a website
  • Excessive yields fraud: Fraudulently offering unrealistic high yields in order to attract investors
  • Unlicensed trading: Fraudulently purchasing or selling public securities through an unlicensed trader

Strong Defense Attorney On Your Side

Many people do not realize that even if you receive no profits from fraudulent activities, you can still be found guilty of fraud. Both the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the California Department of Business Oversight are dedicated to prosecuting individuals and entities for investment fraud. It is vital to enter the courtroom with equally strong and dedicated representation. As your lawyer, Ms. Fields will be an effective negotiator throughout your case and, if necessary, a vigorous advocate at trial.

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