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Accused Of A Cyber/Internet Crime?

Cybercrime is charged as a federal offense and arrests are on the rise as the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office has stepped up aggressive investigations and prosecution.

According to statistics, most Americans spend approximately 30 hours a week on their computers. With every swivel of a mouse and every stroke of a key, many unsuspecting internet users unintentionally commit acts of cybercrime without knowing it. The most important thing for people to understand about unintended cybercrimes is that you can still be held accountable for them and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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Internet Crime Defense — Far More Than Just The Obvious

Most people and business operators are aware of obvious cybercrimes such as child pornography and illegally downloading copyrighted materials. But the extent of what is defined as cybercrime stretches far beyond the obvious. Here are a few examples of things that people and businesses do every day that could lead to a number of legal issues:

  • Accessing Wi-Fi when you are not a customer: Doing something as innocent as sitting across the street and using the Wi-Fi of the florist shop across the street is a cybercrime that carries the same weight as stealing another person’s login credentials and using them to steal sensitive information or post unwanted information on a Twitter account.
  • Cyber harassment and solicitation: There are thousands of people and businesses on the internet who have rightfully earned the title of internet troll. These are the people who scour Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages with the sole purpose of making inappropriate, uninvited and often rude comments on someone else’s feed. Internet back and fourths spawned by these types of interactions can generate some rather heated rhetoric. At their worst, they can result in criminal charges for harassment if harm comes to someone.
  • Violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Disabling or circumventing technological copyright protection on movies, music and television shows is a criminal offense, and can land violators in some serious legal trouble even if there is no actual violation of someone else’s copyright.
  • Website and social media fraud: Any person who uses a webpage or social media to solicit money without full and honest disclosure of purpose, or with no intent to provide the product or service offered for sale may be charged with wire fraud under federal law.

You Don’t Have Time To Wait To Hire A Lawyer

In many cases, federal investigators may have been gathering evidence to charge you for many months. The sooner that you are able to secure the services of an attorney who specializes in this type of law, the better chance that you will have of working with that attorney to put together a winning defense.

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