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Taking Decisive Action Against White-Collar Crime Allegations

Any indictment for a federal or state white-collar crime will result in aggressive prosecution and possible imprisonment. Even before an indictment, investigators are known to spend many months investigating and gathering evidence of possible wrongdoing. A case may take years to resolve. In the event of a conviction, federal and state sentencing guidelines for economic crimes can be among the most severe.

An experienced federal and state criminal defense attorney handles every stage of white-collar criminal cases proactively. Therefore, the earlier you seek the services of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, the more options you will have in your defense.

Candice Fields Law is located in Sacramento and represents clients throughout central and Northern California. The firm’s attorney, Candice Fields, brings more than 25 years of criminal defense experience to each client and case.

Federal Charges For White Collar Crimes

While equipped to defend against the full range of federal criminal allegations, attorney Candice Fields devotes a substantial portion of her practice to white-collar and financial offenses such as:

  • Bank and financial fraud: False claims, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, money laundering and identity theft are just some types of economic crimes an individual or business can face. At the federal level, many types of fraud crimes are prosecuted under wire fraud or mail fraud statutes.
  • Internet crimes: Internet crimes, or so-called cybercrimes, are increasingly investigated and prosecuted in federal court. These crimes can entail allegations such as identity theft, “phishing,” denial of service attacks, and even the possession or distribution of illegal pornography. Whatever the charge, she is prepared to develop a strong defense.
  • Tax crimes: Tax crimes, including filing a false tax return, tax evasion and related charges can be profoundly damaging. If you have reason to believe the IRS is investigating you or your business, she can protect your rights at the earliest juncture.
  • Corporate fraud: Candice Fields is extremely well-qualified to defend your businesses’ interests in criminal matters. In addition, when a potential or pending criminal investigation overlaps with civil disputes involving your business, her extensive business litigation experience offers tangible benefits.
  • PPP loan fraud: Pandemic-related prosecutions and investigations are underway as of late 2020 and will increase, including both allegations of civil violations and criminal charges.

Contact Candice Fields Law

If you are facing any of the criminal charges mentioned above or believe that you are under investigation, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced and aggressive defense attorney as soon as possible. You can contact attorney Candice Fields by calling 916-905-3629, or by completing the online contact form.


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